Nice Automation

A blind or awning automation system gives to your home a touch of originality, improves functionality and adds to the value.

Nice for Blinds

The simplest solution to automate your blinds: maximum comfort and energy saving for both indoor and outdoor blinds.

Also inside your home: Nice motors have dimensions and reduced noise levels that make them ideal for your interior applications

You can manage blinds according to your needs and to the environmental conditions, thanks to intermediate opening positions

Nice for Awnings

Nice technology ensures the perfect function and delivers an unexpected plus: greater relaxation all around!

Awnings are protected
The box better protects the screen and doesn't spoil the architectural setting where it is placed. The box, when closed, becomes an integral protection of the mechanical parts, the motorizations and the screen.

Perfect Awning Tension
With fabric tensioning system, your awnings are always perfect, without any sagging

Intermediate opening positions for sun or shadow?
You can choose your favorite opening levels, thanks to the setting of intermediate opening positions.


Weather Sensors

The climatic sensors (Nice Nemo) manage awning or blind movements in complete autonomy according to the detected weather and environmental conditions.

In windy or rainy conditions, the sensor automatically retracts awnings to avoid damage, so your awnings stay looking good for years to come.

In sunny conditions, the sensor detects strong light and extends the awnings or roll down your blinds to shade your rooms and stop them from getting hot. Shaded rooms stay cool and require less air conditioning.

Timer-Programmer Function

A timer-programmer function lets you decide when and how you want to activate home automation systems. You can program blinds and shutters to operate even while your are away from home, giving to potential intruders the impression that somebody is always in.

Discreet Control System

Nice receivers, hidden behind normal wall plates, are the ideal solution for refurbishment projects and for modernizing older systems. They provide efficient control over home automation systems and lights without you having to rewire or re-plaster.

Wireless Connectivity

Thanks to wireless connectivity you can install your wall mounted controller wherever you want. You can also choose from a wide range of portable controllers to satisfy all your automation needs. Wireless solutions for lower installation costs.